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Nexia STT - honorably awarded with “Vietnam Excellent Brand” for 10 consecutive years

On 6th April 2019, Nexia STT Co., Ltd. was honored to receive the “Vietnam Excellent Brand 2018” Award for 10 consecutive years organized by Vietnam Economic Times (Ministry of Industry and Trade). With the excellent leadership of Nexia STT’s Board of Directors and on-going effort of its staff, this is the tenth consecutive year Nexia STT is honored for this award.

Vietnam Excellent Brand award honors enterprises with excellent business results, developing sustainable brand and contributing to the national economics. At Vietnam Excellent Brand 2018, PhD. Nguyen Thanh Trung - General Director, was honored on behalf of Nexia STT to receive this award.

Anh Nexia dat giai THM 2018

The year 2019 has marked 15th Anniversary of establishment and development of Nexia STT with steady progress in the fields of auditing, accounting and tax advisory. Founded in 2004, Nexia STT has gradually stabilized and grown step by step after non- stop efforts of building and developing during 15 years of operation. Actually, 15 years – a not too long journey but a challenging period for Nexia STT to prove its qualification, experience and staff to rise as one of the leading firms in Vietnam and in the region, in the fields of auditing, accounting and tax advisory with offices in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City.

The company’s services always meet the clients’ satisfaction through implementing exactly, consulting effectively and reviewing closely. Behind the business results, Nexia STT also meets all evaluation criteria such as full contribution to the state budget, social responsibility of enterprises, application of environment protection solution and assurance of its employees’ rights.

Being awarded the Vietnam Excellent Brand for ten consecutive years, Nexia STT further confirms its position in the fields of auditing, accounting and advisory, and determines towards a constant innovation to maintain its position and the clients and partners’ trust.

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