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Newsletter Vietnam - June 2018

Tax Update

  • Tax policy on value added invoices (VAT) issued at the wrong time
  • Tax policy for the fraudulent invoices
  • Personal income tax (PIT) policy on some benefits paid for foreign workers
  • Sanction of administrative violations for wrong VAT declaration
  • VAT refund for investment projects
  • VAT rate applicable to animal products imported for domestic rearing and consumption
  • VAT policy for service provision activities for processing enterprises
  • Corporate income tax (CIT) policy for loan interest by enterprises other than credit institutions
  • The contractor tax policy on reduction of the work volume performed by Vietnamese subcontractors when calculating CIT for foreign subcontractors
  • Tax policy for property leasing activity of individuals

English version: Newsletter - June 2018 (PDF)
Vietnamese version: Newsletter - June 2018 (PDF)

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