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Development and Public Management Consulting

Our mission is to bring the best quality and suitable consulting services to our clients, to make public sector and international development as effective as possible to have the greatest impact on people’s lives. We understand that our reputation and values are built on the quality and professionalism of our partners, consultants and staff. We possess partners, consultants and supporting staff that are having extensive knowledge, intensive technical skills and rich practical experience in their professional fields, as well as commitment to quality assurance. Our Nexia International owns different expertise and consultants among many countries who can support and join us in need. We remain close and good relationships with a network of consultants having experience across a wide range of development themes that can provide the suitable expertise and required technical skills. We build partnerships with organizations and firms in Vietnam and around the world giving us access to a wide base of skills and experience.


We provide the consulting services for different public industries such as finance, education, health, agriculture and rural development, biodiversity and climate changes, etc. in Vietnam and many other countries in region. We bring to each project an in-depth understanding of the key issues and consideration in development effectiveness. We also bring international standards, practices and experiences with value-added services to our clients through new tailored approaches and solutions. 


Our key services in Development Consulting

  • Review/ Evaluation of Policy, Project and Programme
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Works of Policy, Project and Programme
  • Aid management and performance assessment
  • Result-based Management
  • Design of Monitoring and Evaluation System and Reporting
  • Training on Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Institutional and Organizational Assessment, and Governance
  • Surveys
  • Research and Study


Our key services in Public Management Consulting

  • Public Financial Management (PFM) Assessment and Review (PEFA assessment, PER, PETS, etc.)
  • Development of Cost Norms in Different Industries (Education, Agriculture and Rural Development, Health, etc.)
  • PFM Reforms (Strategy, Action Plan, MTEF, MTFF, Result - based Budget Allocation and Management, Tax reform, SOE reform, etc.)
  • Fiscal Policy and Transparency
  • Training on PFM
  • Review the Financial Management and Mechanism of Project and Programme
  • Project/Programme Preparation, Formulation and Review Mission
  • Project/Programme Planning, Management and Implementation


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