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A new perspective on the audit profession through the Job Tour

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On 25 November 2014, Nexia STT cooperated with Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA) to organize the Job Tour for students from Electric Power University. The Job Tour was taken place under the spirit of learning of students through the guidance, introduction and analysis on the audit profession of Ms. Nguyen Viet Nga - Audit Partner/ Deputy General Director of Nexia STT.

The following is an article by students from Electric Power University after the Job Tour on the working environment and audit profession at Nexia STT.

“The Job Tour organized by Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA) is a useful program for 3rd and 4th-year students majoring in Accounting, Auditing. The students will be briefly introduced about the audit profession, directly visit the working environment as well as consulted by VACPA representatives and Company representatives. The 2nd cooperation of VACPA and Finance - Accounting Department of Electric Power University to organize the Job Tour has been held for students to visit Nexia STT.

At 9 AM, 25 November 2014, the students from Electric Power University were presented at Nexia STT under the lead of PhD. Nguyen To Tam, Head of Accounting - Auditing Department, Mr. Nguyen Trung Hanh - Master, Secretary of HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union and Mr. Nguyen Duc Quang - Supervisor teacher and Mr. Le Quynh Anh, Lecturer in Accounting.

Our first impression was focused on the security and professional working style of the company. The external and internal activities are controlled by a fingerprint scanner to unlock the door. The working area is designed modernly, scientific layout with two meeting rooms outside, followed by a document store, a General Director’s room and working space for staff. Ms. Nguyen Dieu Linh - Training Assistant of VACPA has started the tour with a brief introduction about the foundation, development and the main tasks of VACPA well as the progress to become a member of VACPA and its training courses. The program “Audit practice training under the audit program model” was one of the main programs introduced during this Job Tour. Different from normal training programs at universities, this course enables students to approach with the method and process to perform audit procedures, the relevant skills based on the Audit program model of VACPA which is officially applied by more than 100 audit firms. This is a practical and annually updated program composed by VACPA. Ms. Dieu Linh, a young and friendly a person, created an exciting environment by her opened sharing. Besides the introduction about VACPA, Ms. Dieu Linh also presented about the challenges and opportunities of the auditing profession. This job requires great pressure, many challenges from the learning effort; travelling with urgent reporting deadlines and hard working environment. However, this job offers good income, opportunities to travel to many places, many countries, approach many cultures and particularly achieve high status in society.

Subsequently, Ms. Nguyen Viet Nga - Deputy General Director of Nexia STT had a brief introduction about the Company. Nexia STT is specialized in providing audit, consulting and business support services. The experts in Nexia STT have professional skills in providing services for clients operating in many industries. The audit process is operated professionally and scientifically which ensures high accuracy. In addition, Ms. Viet Nga also shared her interesting stories about her life as an Audit Partner as well as the difficulties, challenges and benefits of an auditor. We were particularly impressed by a pretty and simple woman who is successful not only in her job but also in caring her family.

After leaving the meeting room, we were guided by Ms. Nga to visit the company. The working environment is eager, enthusiastic and full of youth, other than our first thought of a strict atmosphere. Most of the staff are young, opened and enthusiastic.

After that, we were enabled to study several audit files of the company. This was a good opportunities for senior students who are aware of process of making audit files through the theory taught in the university. Parts of the audit assignment and the main note in making the documents were clearly introduced, guided the analyzed by Ms. Viet Nga and teachers.

Through this meaningful Job Tour, all of us have achieved valuable experience for ourselves and get a new perspective on the audit profession. Possibly in the future, one of us who has attended the Job Tour will have the opportunity to work for Nexia STT. We also would like to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Nguyen Viet Nga - Deputy General Director and staff of Nexia STT who have created condition for us to visit the actual operation of the auditing firm. We also express our sincere thanks to Ms. Nguyen Dieu Linh - Training Assistant of VACPA for her useful sharing, special thanks to the University for the partnership with VACPA that brought us a valuable and interesting Job Tour, as well as the companion during the program. Hopefully in the future, the Electric Power University and VACPA will have more practical and useful programs like this Job Tour.”

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