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Nexia STT celebrating Nexia Day 2020

As an active member of the network, Nexia STT Company Limited is always eager to participate in every event hosted by Nexia International, especially Nexia Day.

Nexia Day is an annual event, where member firms sharing stories about how they have collaborated and built international relationships with other Nexia member firms around the network or with their international clients. Moreover, Nexia Day provides Nexia’s people with the opportunity to connect and socialize with each other.

This is our opportunity to not only share our stories in overcoming the initial impact of COVID-19 but also strengthen the relationships among employees. For these reasons, the value “Enduring Relationships” is chosen for Nexia Day 2020 at Nexia STT.

On 22 July 2020, Nexia STT has joined a live meeting with other Nexia’s member firms in the Asia Pacific region to show our activities for Nexia Day event.

Nexia Day 2020 - 2

Nexia Day in Nexia STT’s Hanoi Office

This year, the value “Enduring relationships” has been emphasized more than ever. Nexia Day 2020 has marked unforgettable memories. For the first time, all member firms has connected online, shared with each other of the activities held at offices of Nexia International’s member firms in order to promote the working spirit and the socialization as well.
In addition, Nexia Day 2020 was also held in Da Nang – Hoi An with the following images:


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