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  • Audit and Assurance

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    Audit and Assurance

    We, at NEXIA STT, are using NEXIA International’s audit methodology to service our audit and assurance clients. This methodology is risk based and constructive in performing the audit in order to ensure an effective yet efficient audit. Each audit is carried out under the supervision and direct involvement of the firm's partners. In a time of increasing costs we make every effort to minimize charges by maximizing our knowledge of our clients, focusing on key risks and hence reducing unnecessary audit involvement.

    This objective is achieved through our personalized approach, as we familiarize ourselves with all aspects of our clients' business and the environment in which they operate, which in turn enables us to plan the nature and timing of the audit to ensure that it is effective and efficient. Audit assignments are tailored to fit each client and are supervised by one or more partners, with fieldwork being carried out under the supervision of qualified managers.

    Services include:

    • Statutory audits
    • Limited scope audits and agreed upon procedures
    • International GAAP and specific jurisdiction GAAP audits
    • Due diligence
    • Investigative audits
    • Clearance reports

  • International and Local Taxation

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    International and Local Taxation

    Due to NEXIA STT’s extensive knowledge of international taxation practices and procedures and our close interaction with the Vietnamese tax authorities, we can provide pragmatic and practical tax advices and solutions for multi-national companies, non-resident Vietnamese, cross-border investors and resident Vietnamese persons and organizations.

    Our range of services in this area includes:

    • Tax advisory services
    • Tax review services
    • Payroll and compliant outsourcing services
    • Corporate and individual tax planning
    • Tax ruling services and tax representation services
    • Tax appeal services
    • Pre-tax audit review and tax audit attendance
    • Corporate and individual tax compliance services
    • Preparation and filing of tax returns
    • Tax due diligence and tax-diagnostic reviews
    • Tax treaty advisory and assistance
    • Tax refund and tax clearance

  • Accounting and Business Process Outsourcing

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    Accounting and Business Process Outsourcing

    NEXIA STT possesses necessary expertise and relevant resources to provide effective Accounting and Business Process Outsourcing services to our international and Vietnamese clients. We can effectively analyze and process accounting data and record the related transactions as per our clients’ policies and procedures. Such outsourcing of non-critical processes allows our clients to concentrate and invest their resources in their core business by freeing up valuable management time.

    Some of the services offered by us are:

    • Accounting setup and registration
    • Accounting and preparation of financial statements
    • Reconciliations such as for the bank balance or accounts receivable/payable
    • Accounts receivable/payable functions
    • Chief accountant functions
    • Compilation and maintenance of fixed assets and depreciation records
    • Transaction processing such as order/payments processing

  • Business Start-up Assistance Advisory

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    Business Advisory

    Ensuring that our clients remain effective and efficient when setting up or commencing the new business or venture in Vietnam is our core objective. We aim to take away the burden represented by the various complicated administrative and registration procedures that have to be completed, both for licensing or post-licensing purposes, at the reasonable costs.

    We provide our clients with a practical and business-based advice and support to meet our clients’ needs and optimize our clients’ compliance position in Vietnam as well as mitigate and manage the potential risks faced by the constant changes and amendment of regulatory environment in Vietnam.

    Services include:

    • Market entry and investment advisory
    • Licensing services and post-licensing services
    • Corporate advisory and support
    • Contract and project assistance
    • Human resource advisory and compliance
    • Corporate secretarial services and seal custody services
    • Helpline system (Internal reporting system)
    • M&A and due diligence
    • Real estate M&A advisory and brokerage
    • Corporate re-structuring, dissolution and liquidation
    • Registration with authorities

  • Operations and Management Consulting

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    Business Operations and Management Consulting

    Progressive organizations constantly seek ways to innovate and increase their operational effectiveness and efficiency to gain a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage.

    Effective managers ensure operational improvements to yield results in terms of shorter cycle times, improved flow of goods, lower inventories, better turnarounds, higher productivity, optimum utilization, increased distribution efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and greater returns on assets and investments, etc.

    We believe that there is always room for innovation and improvement in whatever an organization does and believe we can assist our clients in achieving such aims.

    Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is well equipped with the requisite business and technical skills and possesses the practical experience and knowledge to deliver customized solutions to our clients.

    Our approach is not to limit our role to just helping clients develop their operational strategies, but to also see the process through to every phase of their implementation.

    Our key services:

    • Business direction workshops
    • Diagnostic studies to identify business improvement areas
    • Cost reduction and revenue optimization areas
    • Sales and marketing effectiveness programs
    • Organization structure designs for operational effectiveness and efficiencies
    • MIS/Decision Support System design
    • Process design and monitoring programs
    • Purpose specific training programs


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